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I remember as a child always being aware of bright lights and colours and finding different patterns and textures interesting.  I grew up surrounded by materials and various artistic media, including crayons, pastels, chalks, pencils, water colours and poster paints which I enjoyed exploring to see what effects I could create and how I could work with them to express myself in different ways.

Later I discovered the joys of oils and silk painting which enabled me to exploit colour and texture in a way I never imagined and then in contrast working with pen and ink and etching on scratch boards to explore line and form.

As a creative thinker, I generally have always found it useful to channel my energies into one kind of art form or another, so art, music and writing have always been a collaborative effort, sometimes working well on their own or in tandem with each other when the project in hand requires multiple layers of discipline.

The subject matter of my compositions are invariably inspired by an idea or a mission which will take me on a journey and are inevitably sparked by a memory, an interest in the given situation or an expression of hope or dreams.

As an educator, I have enjoyed encouraging my students to explore different media and styles as although a lot of artists tend to favour one particular medium as a main focus or specialism, I find it useful to learn about the subject matter by exploring it in different ways, so maybe for me, it is about the representation of the subject that appeals to me, as opposed to the medium itself.

My influences in art have stemmed from the beginnings of time having an early appreciation of Roman & Celtic art works:

Roman Art Works

Celtic Art Works

Having been brought up with a respect for history & conservation & having a love of travel & exploration, the story of the Bayeux Tapestry has been of monumental influence, particularly the idea of Norman Romanesque art as a story represented on textiles:

The Bayeux Tapestry

Art works that captured a moment such as ‘The Stolen Kiss’ by Jean-Honore Fragonard – Rococo Art  (1720 – 1760):

The Stolen Kiss

or paintings influenced by great literature, ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by John William Waterhouse – Tennyson’s Part IV – Pre-Raphaelite Art (1848 – 1854):

The Lady of Shalott

formed an initial love of attention to detail & mood.

The Impressionist movement (1870 – 1900) which encouraged the blurring of boundaries & form was of particular fascination to me in both art & music & through studying the piano works of Debussy & Ravel & Impressionist art such as Claude Monet’s ‘Sunrise’:


gave rise to a renewed freedom of expression which was welcomely indirect & seemingly endless.  In contrast, Post-Impressionist Art (1880 – 1920) such as Vincent Van Gogh’s bold & heavily painted ‘Sunflowers’:


viewed in awe at The National Gallery when on a solo impromptu trip around Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, gave licence to my love of colour & texture.

The marrying of art & music continues throughout history as the wonderful nineteenth century painting by Georges Seurat ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand Jatte’:

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand Jatte

was later used as the stage setting for James Lapine & Stephen Sondheim‘s musical ‘Sunday in the Park with George’:

Sunday in the Park with George

As a collaborative artist I have enjoyed making these connections between art forms & undertaking cross-media projects & installations & consequently have continued forming my skills as a conceptual artist.  The idea of involving the viewer in the art through initiating discussion & the sharing of opinions fascinates me as we all perceive things differently so there is no one answer when contemplating the science of line, symmetry & form.

Now our world has become more virtual, I will be embarking on challenging my viewers in an online discussion forum via Zoom, where I will be launching my symposium of online art discussions, starting with Van Gogh. If you are interested in taking part in this, then you can sign up through the website link:

Online Art Discussion Forum 2020

My journey as an artist continues to be influenced by the natural world & our immediate environment & as a RAD (Recycling Artistic Designer) I also utilise everyday objects to create installations &/or art works that are both functional & aesthetic.

For further information on my portfolio & art works for sale you can visit:

Art Works for Sale 2020

I look forward to the challenges that this new world presents as we continue to learn & grow & moreover extend the constantly shifting boundaries of rules, perceptions & ideologies.