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Sylvie-D was born in Wiltshire where she pursued her musical abilities in flute, piano & voice, going on to study for a BA (Hons) degree in Music & English.

She began her teaching career in Leeds where she completed a P.G.C.E. (Primary/Middle) with a specialism in Music.  She was Head of Music at two schools over a period of twelve years, before completing an MA in Music at the University of Sussex.

Her career as a composer began at an early age where she learnt to improvise, going on to compose music for the school choir & orchestra as Head of Music. 

Sylvie has since led & accompanied a variety of choirs & orchestras & organised & performed in numerous charity concerts across the UK over the last 2 decades.  Compositions include performances with the London Concertante: & with two award-winning soloists, Roger Huckle (violin): & Hayley Savage (guitar): at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2006.


Photo by Joshua Kohlmann

Her inspiration for the arts is informed by an inherent love of culture, diversity & the natural world.  She has an ongoing interest in English folk music & fusing varying musical styles through experimentation.

Compositions include:

2003 ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ for choir (SSAA) & piano (a setting of the traditional text) Premiered in July 2003.

2003 ‘Christmas Medley’ (a trio of traditional carols, set for three part voice & piano) Premiered in July 2004.

2004 ‘The Elves & the Shoemaker’ (A Musical) Composed, directed & produced by Sylvie-D. Premiered in July 2004.

2004 ‘Wagging Tales – Binky’s Back Garden’ (an animated children’s film) Music composed by Sylvie-D. Premiered at New Park Cinema, Chichester, August 2004.

Wagging Tales (Binky’s Back Garden)

2004 ‘Mass for Christmas’ for S, A, T, B, soloists, 6 part choir & string orchestra. Premiered at St. Paul’s Church, Chichester in January 2005.  Click here for excerpts:

Gratias Agimus Tibi

Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi

Quonium Tu Solus Sanctus

Cum Sancto Spiritu

2005 ‘Forget-me-not’ (a publicity film for The Forget-me-not Charity in Romania) Music composed by Sylvie-D. Screened by the British Society of Cinematographers, Pinewood Studios.

Forget-Me-Not Charity Film

2006, ‘Orientale’ for woodwind strings & percussion (an arrangement of the piano work, op. 232. No. 2 by Albéniz) Premiered at the ACCA (formally known as The Gardner Arts Centre), University of Sussex in March 2006.

Orientale (Live)

Orientale – Sheet Music

2006 ‘Portraits I’ for violin & guitar.  Premiered at St. Nicholas Church, Brighton Fringe Festival, in May 2006.  Recorded in Andalusia, Spain.  Click here for excerpt:

Portraits I

2006 ‘Step-by-Step’ (In Dorian Mode) An abstract piano interlude, exploring the idiosyncratic journey of the artist & the inner sanctum of the world to which they retreat.

Step-By-Step (In Dorian Mode) -Excerpt

Step-By-Step (In Dorian Mode) – Download

Step-By-Step (In Dorian Mode) – Sheet Music

2009 ‘Wagging Tales – Binky’s Back Garden 2’ (an animated children’s film) Music composed by Sylvie-D.  A sequel to ‘Binky’s Back Garden’ (2004).

Wagging Tales (Binky’s Back Garden II)

2011 ‘Bluebelle’s Yard – The Tale of Johnny Minor’ Stories of old cars & scrap yards (an animated children’s film) Title music composed & licensed by Sylvie-D @ Simple Simon Films 2012.

Bluebelle’s Yard (The Tale of Johnny Minor)

2013 ‘Amazing Love’ by Graham Kendrick, arr. by Sylvie-D, for SATB, violin, cello & piano.

2016 ‘Street Gazers’ (Instrumental) An improvisation on a blues theme for flute & piano. Premiered at Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York in December 2016.

Street Gazers (Instrumental) – Excerpt

Street Gazers Instrumental – Download

Street Gazers (Instrumental) – Sheet Music

2016 ‘Parable of a Traveller’ An urban folk song based on The Priest’s Tale from ‘The Parable of the Good Samaritan’, for solo voice & Renaissance drum. Premiered at The Winter Warmer Concert, Poppleton Methodist Church Hall, York in December 2016. 

Parable of a Traveller (The Priest’s Tale)

Parable Of A Traveller (The Priest’s Tale) – Download

Parable Of A Traveller (The Priest’s Tale)– Sheet Music

2017 ‘Chorale’ (Psalm 25) An unaccompanied chorale for SATB, based on Psalm 25: 1-7. This can also be sung as a setting for the spiritual, ‘Ah’m Liftin’ Up Mah Soul’, Premiered at The Kenya Concert, Poppleton Methodist Church Hall, York in March 2017.

2017 ‘Ah’m Liftin’ Up Mah Soul’ (Psalm 25), An unaccompanied spiritual for solo voice & SATB, based on Psalm 25: 1-7.  Premiered at The Kenya Concert, Poppleton Methodist Church Hall, York in March 2017.

2017 ‘Waliopotea Mtoto’ (The Lost Child), An improvised instrumental for solo flute, recorder or pipe & African drum, in honour of all those precious lives that have become victims of poverty, corruption & neglect.  Premiered at The Kenya Concert, Poppleton Methodist Church Hall, York in March 2017.

2017 ‘Street Gazers’ A neoclassical jazz song for two voices & piano, inspired by the seductive ambience of an Anglo-Spanish bistro in York.  Premiered during Record Store Day at Vinyl Eddie, York in April 2017.  

Street Gazers  – Excerpt

Street Gazers – Download

2017 ‘Lights in San Francisco’ (Cityscape 1970s), An experimental piece for solo voice & harpsichord, fusing Baroque & folk-rock to portray the dazzling lights of the West Coast Mecca of Flower-Power.  Premiered at The Autumn Variety Concert, All Saints’ Church, Upper Poppleton, York in October 2017.

*Sylvie-D’s The 70s Album to be released in 2021*


Photo by Joshua Kohlmann

2018 ‘Cabaret’ an arrangement for a cappella SATB. Premiered at The Best of Broadway from Songs From Stage & Screen, Poppleton Methodist Church Hall, York in August 2018.

2018 ‘The Windmills of Your Mind’ a cover version of the theme song from The Thomas Crown Affair, for two voices & piano.  Recorded at Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York University, Dec 2016.

The Windmills Of Your Mind (Gaudete)

2018 ‘The Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)’ A war poem set to music, to commemorate the Centenary of Armistice Day.  Posted Sunday 11th November 2018.

The Poppy (Rough Cut) © ACE Creatives 2018

2018 ‘Kyrie Remix’ An experimental work marrying plainchant with new technologies to bridge the beginnings of Western Classical Music & popular cultures.

Kyrie Remix

2018 ‘The Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)’  Re-posted Sunday 30th December 2018.

The Poppy


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