York Small Business Christmas Market 2016



© Country Diary Cards 2016


Country Diary Collection Key Rings 2016

© Country Diary Key Rings 2016


© Rainbow Jewellery Collection 2016

ACE Creatives is about utilising & recreating things from the natural world & our immediate environment that will last.  By buying into this ethos you are buying into a better world.


© Champagne Chandelier 2016

As a ‘Recycling Artistic Designer’ (RAD), recycling for me is about preserving what’s already there & using imaginative ways of reinventing everyday resources into innovative products that are both aesthetic & functional.

Funky Tie Curtain 2016

© Funky Tie Curtain 2016

If the ordinary things around us can be used to create extraordinary works of art, then how much more can they be utilised to encourage resourcefulness in other areas of our lives.

Quadrecyled Patio Table 2016

© Quadrecycled Patio Table 2016

As a Collaborative Arts Business, I aim to encourage & develop creativity in others & most importantly with the final collaborator, you the customer.

Thank you for trading with ACE Creatives.




Portrait of the Artist

‘Portrait of the Artist’ by Jessica Evans


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