A Celebration Of Summer

Thank you to all those who came to support our Summer Charity Concert 2019 & contributed to making it a success.

We were delighted to be a part of this community outreach event & hope that greater awareness has been made of the lifestyle & culture of the gypsy communities & the journey of Crisis in support of the homeless.

Gaudete are an upbeat creative duo who began publicly performing in early 2016 to recreate a variety of musical styles, with an emphasis on original interpretation and entertainment. Gaudete comprises two independent solo artists, Sylvie-D and Joshua Kohlmann.

Sylvie is a collaborative artist in North and West Yorkshire and is currently composing original material for a forthcoming solo album. She is also researching folk music for a contemporary community opera, Takes Two to Tango.

Joshua has written over 100 songs, as a solo artist and in collaboration with others. He is currently collating songs for an illustrated two-volume anthology and is working on a Viking musical, The Saga of King Olaf.

This is Gaudete’s seventh live charity concert since December 2016 & they are now available for hire for events & special occasions. Their debut EP Four Suits is for sale at: sylvie203@acecreatives.co.uk

Sylvie & Joshua