Body Image (Reflection)





¿Estoy reflexionando

 cómo estoy









Am I reflecting

 how I am





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The Artist & The Mirror

The Artist & The Paint Pot

Welcome to ACE Creatives’ collaborative arts project, ‘Image’. ‘Image’ was one of the themes explored in my interactive art exhibition at Leeds Central Library, ‘Vision 2014 Inside Out’.

‘Reflection’ by Metube Framing is an art piece made from natural & recycled materials, including wood & kitchen roll tubes.  As a RAD, a Recycling Artistic Designer, I recycle everyday objects into things that are both functional & aesthetic.

The mirror is a household object that has been used over the centuries as a luxury cosmetic item, dating as far back as 6000 BC. In Turkey, then known as Anatolia, ancient mirrors were made of polished stone or burnished metal & were very dark, requiring frequent polishing.  The use of glass coated with metals to increase the reflectivity dates back to the first century AD.  The mirror has also historically been used to start fires, send codes or messages & now is an integral part of a solar power plant.

Mirrors have a historic relevance as appearance has always dominated much of society’s lifestyle.  The word ‘mirror’ is derived from the Latin ‘mirari’, ‘to wonder at’, & is still present in the Spanish ‘mirar’, ‘to look’.  As part of this arts project exploring image, I am collating ideas for my next art exhibition & would love to receive your comments about this topic with regards to the questions on the following link:

‘Reflection’ is a bespoke item in a variety of colours, fashioned for your home, or as a gift to someone special.

For further information, please contact Sylvie-D @: