GAUDETE ~ Four Suits

Rennaisance Drum

The Remarkable Debut EP by Gaudete

Sylvie-D & Joshua Kohlmann

Recorded & produced by Will Jackson at Soundworks Studio

On the anniversary of their launch on


Gaudete (Four Suits) EP Flyer 2018

Four Suits is now available on CD @

Jumbo Records, Leeds, 0113 245 5570

Vinyl Eddie, York, 07975 899839

P&C Music, Harrogate, 01423 504035

Four Suits can also be ordered from ACE Creatives for only £9.99 + Postage & Packing:


Four Suits is dedicated to all those who need,

or have ever struggled to find,

‘hope & promise’.

1 thought on “GAUDETE ~ Four Suits”

  1. I loved listening to the EP, ‘Four Suits’, I recently bought from you both.

    ‘Street Gazers’ conjures up images nicely of cooking ingredients. The picture of candles, coffee and wine is evocative of pleasurable nights spent with loved ones. I like the interesting choice of coconut and soya mylks in the lyrics! Cafe negro and Granada chai both add to the charm. The two minds and souls meeting on the seat of a piano describes the essence of this ballad to me nicely.

    The rugged ‘gypsy street gazer’ caressing the notes dexterously sounds risqué and even suave – very good! The image of rain falling on the panes of the shop and light reflected from the puddles is evidently romantic. ‘Moroccan paradise in a cold northern street’ is an exotic allusion to a faraway haven , but here, for a moment at least…

    I love ‘The Creation song’. It really appeals to my sense of the natural world.

    The berating of Lucifer is clever and apt for a fallen angel! The listing of an array of creatures who are incorporated into the lines of verse is superb! (the bats and frogs and jays etc).

    The interplay between God and Lucifer – “I’m not surprised I’m not permitted here” tickled me – the whole song is amusing. I loved the dialogue with Lucifer about God’s certainty about the perfection of creation and all within it! The part in which is contained –‘ …and God said “yes”… and God said “no” ’ – is especially poignant to the theme of God’s omnipotent control as Supreme Lord of all creation. I love these affirmations.

    The faulting of mankind – similar to chimpanzees without the body hair and a hyper-complex brain is a good description of most people . Lastly, the fault-finding of man is accurate. His selfish, lustfulness, tendency to pollute; His pride, arrogance and love of war are all attributes which can be applied to, I suspect, a large slice of the planet’s populace?!

    ‘Parable of a Traveller’ is excellent, I think, too, and tugs at the heart-strings of loneliness and despair that surrounds the plight and affliction of so many thousands of homeless folk in England.

    The instrumental version of ‘Street Gazers’ was lovely to listen to and made me relax and forget about the negativity in life and what may sometimes make one world-weary.

    I enjoyed your album very much indeed. It’s both innovative and very resourceful.

    I am assured these two artists will long continue in their musical pursuits together.

    Thank you Sylvie and Joshua

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